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Personal Feedback on Your Writing

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Personal Feedback on Your Writing

Kelly Eden
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Another pair of eyes on your writing is invaluable.

But it can be hard to find someone willing to look over your work.

I can help!

Kelly Eden has been coaching writers for a decade. Her mentorees have gone on to be paid for their work and get published. Several have become full-time writers!

Her students have published in Insider, Mamamia, Fatherly, Better Humans, and more.

Kelly can help you with your fiction, personal essays, creative nonfiction, and nonfiction articles. (no poetry, violent, or explicit pieces please)

Send up to 2000 words--send as a word document, Google docs, or Medium draft link for written feedback.

If you want to discuss:

  • longer pieces,
  • several stories,
  • mentoring
  • or writing courses

please email Kelly at

Here's what others have to say:

"I loved working alongside Kelly Eden. I hired Kelly for a month in order to improve my writing ability. She has, without a doubt, been worth every penny. She has helped me focus on the weaker aspects of my writing improving my storytelling and personal essays. I would highly recommend Eden for any future work. Her amicable style and insight are worth their weight in gold." --Rueben S

"I've taken two of Kelly Eden's courses and worked with her one-on-one. Kelly Eden is a teacher and coach with depth. Because she's drawing on years of experience, she understands your challenges and gives targeted and practical guidance. You won't regret working with Kelly; you'll grow from it." --Lisa M

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Personalized written feedback on your writing up to 2000 words.