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3-Step Editing Cheat Sheet

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You've written the first draft of your nonfiction article, personal essay, or memoir piece, but now what?

There's more to editing than running it through Grammarly!

Professional writers know editing is where the magic happens.

Now you can get a sneak peek of the process I use to edit my own and hundreds of other writers' work.

It's all about asking yourself the right questions.

Get more depth, better structure, and polish your piece in a more efficient way.

This short editing guide is for anyone who:

  • Wants to lift the quality of their content
  • Wants to present themselves professionally
  • Intends to be more efficient in their editing process
  • Wants more people to read their content
  • Loves improving their writing skills

Here's what to expect:
Easy steps to follow to improve your writing.

A checklist you can use each time to ensure you never miss a step in your editing.

3 editing stages with focus questions for each stage.

The shortcut to an editing process that works.

A printable PDF to use again and again.

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3-Step Editing Cheat Sheet

12 ratings
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