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The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Editors

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Want to see your work published in a magazine or on a website?

Feeling nervous about approaching the editors?

This ultimate guide to pitch and query letters will help you confidently send your ideas and stories out into the world.

There's a right and a wrong way to pitch your ideas. Editors are busy people. They want writers who know how to professionally present themselves.

What if you've got no experience?

What if you've never been published before?

A well-done pitch doesn't need you to be a star--it needs a star story idea!

This guide is for writers who:

  • want to improve their pitch to editors.
  • want to expand their bylines.
  • have self-published or published on platforms.
  • are struggling with confidence emailing editors.
  • want clear steps to follow.
  • are ready to step up and show their work to the world.

Meet the creator

Kelly Eden is an experienced writer whose work has been in magazines and online publications for over 14 years, including Mamamia: Australia's largest women's media publication, Scary Mommy, Thought Catalog, Highly Sensitive Refuge and more.

She created this resource in cooperation with one of her magazine editors to help other writers find their way into their favorite publications.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pitching Editors

7 ratings
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